Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Take 4

It's been nearly 4 years since there's been a post on this blog.

4 years ago....

  • I was still subbing, waiting on that teaching position
  • Rebeka was a senior in high school
  • Aaron was a freshman
  • We (all four of us) were living in our little cottage in the big pine woods of Florida
  • Johnmark was finishing up at BCF and still preaching
4 years later...
  • I got that teaching job and then quit it this past May
  • Rebeka is a senior in college
  • Aaron is engaged and waiting to start his freshman year in college
  • We (two empty-nesters) are living in a parsonage on Boone Mountain
  • Johnmark is finishing up his masters at BCF and still preaching

Y'all there's so much more that's happened in the in-between, but who's got time for all that.

We're starting fresh.

I thought about changing the title of the blog, but anything witty and creative has escaped me. So the old title remains. That's ok, I suppose, because it all began with that anyway.

I changed the design and deleted all the old posts, well, because....ew!  Who was I then? Surely I've grown some and grown up some since then.

4 goals of this blog...
  • to share this crazy life of mine with all two, three, or four of you that are crazy enough to take the time and read about it 
  • to glorify the Lord with my words and thoughts
  • to post at least once a week, maybe twice. Any more than that and y'all will run screaming.
  • to capture my thoughts. Dang it! There's lots of good stuff rattling around up there, but I'm too lazy to write it down and when I get around to it, it's gone.
I do my best "writing" (in my head) while in the shower or in the bed. Y'all would be so impressed if I could actually capture those musings on paper.  
I had so much good stuff I wanted to share tonight. I composed it all while showering. It was so good! Then I got caught up in the new design and trying to set it up on a mac and, well, you're left with these ramblings. Now, I'm sleepy, and there's the rub.

So happy reading, peeps.  It can only get better. Right?