Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Take 4

It's been nearly 4 years since there's been a post on this blog.

4 years ago....

  • I was still subbing, waiting on that teaching position
  • Rebeka was a senior in high school
  • Aaron was a freshman
  • We (all four of us) were living in our little cottage in the big pine woods of Florida
  • Johnmark was finishing up at BCF and still preaching
4 years later...
  • I got that teaching job and then quit it this past May
  • Rebeka is a senior in college
  • Aaron is engaged and waiting to start his freshman year in college
  • We (two empty-nesters) are living in a parsonage on Boone Mountain
  • Johnmark is finishing up his masters at BCF and still preaching

Y'all there's so much more that's happened in the in-between, but who's got time for all that.

We're starting fresh.

I thought about changing the title of the blog, but anything witty and creative has escaped me. So the old title remains. That's ok, I suppose, because it all began with that anyway.

I changed the design and deleted all the old posts, well, because....ew!  Who was I then? Surely I've grown some and grown up some since then.

4 goals of this blog...
  • to share this crazy life of mine with all two, three, or four of you that are crazy enough to take the time and read about it 
  • to glorify the Lord with my words and thoughts
  • to post at least once a week, maybe twice. Any more than that and y'all will run screaming.
  • to capture my thoughts. Dang it! There's lots of good stuff rattling around up there, but I'm too lazy to write it down and when I get around to it, it's gone.
I do my best "writing" (in my head) while in the shower or in the bed. Y'all would be so impressed if I could actually capture those musings on paper.  
I had so much good stuff I wanted to share tonight. I composed it all while showering. It was so good! Then I got caught up in the new design and trying to set it up on a mac and, well, you're left with these ramblings. Now, I'm sleepy, and there's the rub.

So happy reading, peeps.  It can only get better. Right?


Kimberly said...

My day is so made! And me, toooo - my best thinking in the shower. I keep paper by the bed for those thoughts worth saving. What's funny is it usually ends up being a list of verses I want to talk the kids about ... and words for my wordlists. HA! I once kept a voice recorder in the car to save those driving thoughts. All that to say, I hear you!!

You are the cutest! Enjoy your bloggy space ... on your own time frame. But if you do post once or twice a week, I will be so giddy. So giddy to meet up with you here!

Kimberly said...

PS - I love that you started fresh! I think I would do the same.

Nancy Davis said...

So.....you remember.....I'm not much on the reading thing, but I do like to keep up with you. Now to try and keep up with your posts when it happens.

As for what's going on in that head of yours, I'm right there with you. I have to right it down right away or POOF! it's gone. But hey, just making room for more stuff in my head.

:-) Write away my friend.